Benefits of Mastering a Class

Skyforge Knight Beautiful Scenary

We’ve all been in a position where we unlock a class we’ve been waiting and waiting to play but we’re over half way to mastering our current class, what should you do?  Honestly if you’re well over half way to mastering a class it benefits you more to continue playing that class until you master it, especially if that class is Paladin.

Skyforge Archer Class Mastered

Skyforge Archer Class Mastered

Benefits of unlocking a class

  • New class symbol
  • 2 symbol slots
  • Alternative Costume
  • Once unlocked you no longer gain class sparks, instead you gain evolution sparks

Let’s take a closer look into these benefits.  Each class has a unique symbol associated with it that you can only unlock by mastering that class.  Here are some notable class symbols.

Paladin – Divine Intervention – “Incoming damage is completely absorbed if it is more than 10% of the maximum health.  The character becomes immune to all damage and negative effects for 4 seconds.  The effect is activated no more than once every 70 seconds.”

Archer – Cold Calculation – “Damage inflicted to enemies with more than 50% health is increased by 12%”

Kinetic – Gravitational Perturbation –  “Using Impulse Charge increases the character’s damage by 10% for 6 seconds.”

Warlock – Jinx – “Warlock: Taint inflicts 25% more damage.  Any other class:  The character’s attacks may place an effect on the opponent that inflicts damage every second for 6 seconds.”

One of the biggest reasons to master a class is you unlock 2 symbol slots.  This is so important it can’t be stressed enough.  The more symbol slots you have the more symbols you can have active at the same time, this is huge.  Symbols can provide additional defenses, apply DoTs that can really add up, increase overall damage, increase damage to specific mob types, and so much more.  As you gain prestige watch the combat logs (ctrl + x if your pantheon has it unlocked) and notice the added damage from symbols like Lacerated Wounds and even Jinx.

Skyforge Knight Costume

Skyforge Knight Costumes

Each class has two basic costumes.  The first costume is unlocked when you either by unlocking the class or completing the initial class training in the training hall.  You get the second costume once you master the class.  You can unlock additional costumes from the market place but mastering the class gives you a free one and it’s usually pretty awesome.

Again, once you master a class you will get Evolution sparks instead of class sparks.  I think this is great because when you play your favorite class it doesn’t feel like you’re wasting time, quite the opposite.  A friend of mine really enjoyed Cryomancer and didn’t stop playing the class, I told him about the Paladin symbol and he had saved enough Evolution sparks that he instantly unlocked the entire Paladin class without ever playing it.  I think this is a nice feature within the game.