Halloween Quest Walkthrough & More

Skyforge Halloween Berseker Pumpkin
Skyforge Halloween Pumpkin Berseker

It’s Halloween in Skyforge and that means candy, costumes, pumpkins, candy bandits, and Halloween quests!  Lets dive right into the 8 quests available, how to complete them, and what you get for completing them, then we’ll look at what you can buy with candy!

The Halloween quest is called the “Evil Pumpkin Festival” and it consists of 8 quests.

Evil Pumpkin Festival Quest

  1. Go to training hall and complete it as witch (male it’s called warlock) or necromancer
    reward – 120 candies
  2. Light 20 pumpkins in the Lanber Forest, on Naori Island, and in Veines.
    Notes – you can leave and come back and lite the same one 20 times
    They are indicated on the mini map by big green circles

    Skyforge Halloween Pumpkin Locations

    Skyforge Halloween Pumpkin Locations – Red dots indicate pumpkin location

    Leave zone, go back in, pick up the same 5
    reward – 240 candies

  3. Eliminate any 50 enemies playing as witch or necromancer
    As a witch or necromancer kill 50 mobs. Go to a lower level region for best results.
    reward – 40 candies
  4. Find 7 caches in adventures
    -Open up your squads, select each one individually until you see the secondary mission as “cache” then join it solo on the lowest difficulty possible
    -YOU must be the one who finds the caches, it isn’t group wide
    I did Port Naori, Okki Island, Ardos Monestary
    Note- you don’t have to complete the adventure, get caches and get out!

    Skyforge Halloween Caches

    Skyforge Halloween Caches

    reward- 240 candies

  5. Complete a candy adventure
    -Whatever has candy as a reward, do it!

    Skyforge Halloween Candy Adventure

    Skyforge Halloween Candy Adventure

    reward – 120 candies

  6. Use witch’s Taint 100 times
    – Go to training, select witch (or warlock), cast taint 100 times
    reward –
  7. Eliminate 7 Lurking Wardens of Death in adventures
    -open squads, scroll over and look for one that says “lurking death” just like you did with caches
    – I did Port Naori and Lanber Catacombs,
    -Once you get them exit the dungeon, and then re-enter
    reward – 240 candies
  8. Eliminate 2 candy bandits in adventures
    -Choose any adventure, kill some stuff and the candy bandit will appear
    reward- 120 candies

Once you complete all 8 you get 3 Surprise Pumpkins!

Skyforge Halloween Pumpkin Festival Reward

Skyforge Halloween Pumpkin Festival Reward

Can you do these 8 quests each day?  Well the event hasn’t been going on very long but so far it doesn’t look like it.  After I completed these quests the next day I got another quest to complete the witches part again where I cast taint 100 times.  So based on this it looks like you’ll get a daily quest to complete but not all 8.

Pumpkin Horror Quest

“Pumpkin Horor is held at the capital park from 12:00 to 1:00pm and from 6:00 to 10:00pm.”

These times do not necessarily reflect your time zone, if you are Eastern add 3 hours to the time.  So on the east coast it starts at 3pm and 9pm.  Once the even starts walk up to the pumpkins and press space, now you’ll have a pumpkin on your head!

Skyforge Halloween

Skyforge Halloween – Get your pumpkin on

Then look for a player without a lit pumpkin on their head and press Q to throw your fire at them!

Skyforge Halloween

Skyforge Halloween – Toss your fire!

When the quest is active you’re Pumpkin Horror quest will look something like this

Skyforge Pumpkin Horror Quest

Skyforge Pumpkin Horror Quest

Skyforge Pumpkin Horror Reward

Skyforge Pumpkin Horror Reward

Now that you’ve finished your Halloween quests, what do you do?  Well first you want to open up your Surprise Pumpkins because they have a chance of giving you one of the following items or more candy.

  • Flaming Pumpkin Head
  • Green Ghostly Costume
  • Blue Skeleton Costume

You can also buy some costumes in the market place with your candy.

Skyforge Halloween Market

Skyforge Halloween Market

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  1. New player here im confused with no 1 and 6, do i go research center to train or pick it from the map

    • Skyforge Arena Team | October 22, 2015 at 11:58 pm |

      Hey War, you need to go to the research center and enter the Training Hall then walk up to the witch/warlock or necro class and train as them. If you do it through the map it will pick a random class for you and won’t help you complete your Halloween quests.

  2. Knights are better | October 22, 2015 at 11:56 pm |

    So many surprise pumpkins, nothing but candy… I want a costume!

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