Skyforge Announces Aelion’s Call

Skyforge Arena's Aelions Call
Skyforge Arena's Aelions Call

We are very excited for Aelion’s Call, Skyforge’s next major update hitting the servers September 16th.  Although this update includes new content like Operations and a new raid called “Operation Madea,” what we are really looking forward to is the catch-up system.

Like everyone else we can’t wait to see all the new content being added to Skyforge but we think the catch-up system has the biggest impact to the game.  Online games, especially MMO’s, revolve around a strong and active player base and this new system will help strengthen that base.  There are too many games that make your average player spend months grinding to max level and a good majority of those players end up feeling left out, get discouraged, and leave the game.  This new catch-up system allows lower prestige players to progress at a “rapid pace” which brings them closer to veteran players and lets them experience more of the game.  The more content a player gets to experience the more they are going to enjoy the game and want to keep playing, this increases the player base and allows for a more expansive community and better player experience overall.

Some veterans may not like this system because they might feel cheated since they had to work hard for their prestige or feel that it downplays their early success in Skyforge.  We just don’t see it that way.  When you create a large player base you get shorter queue times, a diverse group of players, and most importantly the developers keep creating new content!  What’s the point of being the highest prestige player with great gear if no one even plays the game anymore?

Besides the addition of new content there will also be bug fixes and class balancing.  To read more about all the updates please check the Skyforge announcement of Aelion’s Call.