Equipment, Amulets, and Trophies

Skyforge Paladin equipment page

Skyforge is different than your traditional MMO when it comes to equipment, you don’t actually need to have a weapon equipped to do damage.  Your main hand weapon will give you might (base damage) and your secondary weapon will give you stamina(health) but besides the increase to might it has no affect to your damage output.  That isn’t to say you shouldn’t equip weapons!  Weapons do provide great bonuses to your class abilities and allow you to customize your class even further based on their bonuses.

Skyforge Paladin Amulet

Amulets in Skyforge also help you become more powerful by providing increases to your base stats like stamina, might, and luck as well as giving your abilities bonuses such as more damage!

Skyforge Ether Core Stack

To unlock amulet slots you will need to collect ether cores which you will get from killing mobs in regions, these start dropping once you reach a certain prestige.  Once you collect a stack of 100, double click the stack, then you have another amulet slot!

Skyforge Trophies

Trophies are dropped from the various invading armies within Skyforge and when you kill mobs they have a chance drop trophy parts from their army.  Trophies will start to drop once you are around 7K-8K prestige and once you have 100 of these you combine them into a trophy.  The bonuses from trophies only affect the damage to the type of mobs who drop them.

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