Impulse Charge

What is an Impulse Charge?

In short an impulse charge gives certain abilities bonus damage with no extra cost to you.

How can I tell if I have one?

Skyforge Impulse Charge highlighted
To the right of your health bar you will see a lightning bolt and a person sprinting, the lightning bolt is your impulse charge.  When it says “x1” then you have an impulse charge available, once you use it you will see a white bar filling up and recharging your impulse charge.

Alright so I have an Impulse Charge, how do I use it?

Skyforge Activate Impulse Charge
An impulse charge only get activated on certain abilities, to determine which abilities use an impulse charge you need to read your ability tooltips.  If an ability uses an impulse charge it will say “Activates Impulse Charge.”

Can I increase the bonus damage?

Skyforge Spirit Impulse Damage
If you hover over the stat Spirit you will see that it says it directly “increases impulse damage.”  You can also increase your impulse damage through rings, temples, and symbols.  Check out the Discharge Recovery temple for instance as it “Increases the frequency of Impulse Charges and the amount of impulse damage.”

How often can I use my Impulse Charge?

Normally your impulse charge is available every ~10 seconds, you can spec into discharge recovery which reduces that time.  At max discharge recovery which is 40% you can cast discharge recovery every 6 seconds.

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