Skyforge prestige, necro looking omnious

In Skyforge prestige is an indicator of a players progression through the game, as your prestige increases you unlock more content such as quests, weapons, equipment, instances, regions (“open world”), and invasions.

You are probably wondering how can I increase my prestige?  The good new is just about anything you do in Skyforge increases your prestige so all you have to do is play the aspects of the game you enjoy most and you’ll continue to level!  Lets go over some ways to level your prestige.

1. Unlocking nodes – You can unlock nodes in your class atlas or the ascension atlas to increase prestige.  In your class atlas you start by unlocking nodes using sparks of destruction, creation, and balance but once you progress far enough you will use class and evolution sparks.  In the Ascension Atlas you will always use sparks of destruction, creation, and balance to unlock nodes.  You gain sparks from killing mobs and evolution sparks from PvP matches or when you play a fully unlocked class.

2. Equipment – Whenever you equip rings, amulets, or weapons it will increase your prestige.  Look at the equipment’s stats to see just how much it will increase it.  You gain new equipment through from killing mobs or completing PvP matches.

Archer Sight +2037 Prestige

Archer Sight +2037 Prestige

3. Increasing Equipment Rank – You are able to increase the rank of your main weapon, additional weapon, and rings.  When looking at your equipment click the triangle next to your weapons or ring, a new window will pop up allowing you to increase it if you meet the requirements.

Skyforge Increase Equipment Rank

Increase Equipment Rank For Prestige

4. Order – Over time you will be granted provinces that will give you prestige in two ways:  The higher level the Province, the chapels and temples you build on them.  The bonus to prestige the active chapels give you can fluctuate depending on whether or not you have them activated however, as you increase province levels through the main Central Temple that prestige stays with you.

Skyforge Order Province Prestige

Skyforge Order Province Prestige

Now you might be saying I want to know the fastest way to earn prestige because I want to “level” as fast as possible. You shouldn’t think like that because this isn’t your traditional MMO and in the end you might be hurting yourself.  Just because you have high prestige doesn’t mean your character is well equipped to handle a fight for that particular prestige level, let me explain.

It is possible to use credits to accelerate your prestige gain through your order but lets think this through.  You spend credits increasing your order chapel levels which gives you more prestige, you’re flying on up in prestige and you feel great!  By doing this though you actually haven’t increased your stats very much except for stamina and some might so although you may have the hit points of someone with the same prestige you hit like a wet noodle, you don’t want that.  Now the game thinks you’re ready for harder content and you’re wondering why it’s taking you so long to kill mobs because you don’t do any damage, it’s because of your padded prestige.  Meanwhile you friend who gradually increased prestige hits like a freight train and two shots people in PvP, there is a reason.

People will say that higher level prestige drops better items, and this is true, but even then you can only equip higher level items based on your proficiency.  So even though you can rush to get better drops you can’t even use them yet, where’s the fun in that?

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