Unlocking Additional Classes

Skyforge Unlock Classes

Unlocking classes within Skyforge is easy, it just takes time.  You unlock new classes through the Ascension Atlas by unlocking all nodes up to and including the desired class.  To do this you will need sparks of destruction, creation, and balance which you can obtain through region quests, squads, groups, and looting mobs.  You may be asking the question “but where do I start?!” and that’s a good question.  You have to start at one of the classes you already have unlocked, if you didn’t buy a collectors edition you will be starting from either Lightbinder, Paladin, or Cryomancer.  Simply go to your Ascension Atlas, zoom in on one of the class icons that is glowing gold (meaing it’s unlocked) and double click on colored node that is directly connected to it.  From here you unlock all the nodes to your class and once unlocked that class will show up under your character tab and you can begin playing it immediately!

Skyforge Arena Necro UnlockedWhen mapping out your path to a new class you shouldn’t just look for the quickest path there, you need to find the quickest path without the dreaded pink nodes!  These will act as road blocks for you since you can’t unlock these nodes until over 30,000 prestige, you’ll want to avoid them at all costs.  A lot of new players spend a week trying to unlock a class only to get stuck at these nodes, then they have to wait another week to go around them before they can play the class they want.

Skyforge pink node

This is the pink node you want to avoid since you won’t be able to around it.

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