Becoming a God in Skyforge

Skyforge Divine Form
Skyforge Divine Form

As I was gaining prestige I always wondered about how to become a god in Skyforge and what that actually meant.  Now that I’ve attained the status of a lesser god I want to share my knowledge and give you some insight as to the choices you will have to make while going through the quest and what you can expect once you become divine.


  • Complete story line quest up to and including Finishing Touches
  • Reach 30,560 Prestige

Once you meet these prerequisites you will get a main story line quest called “New God.”  Now that you have this quest you need to complete it, this will take some time.

New God

  1. “Talk to Herida at the Divine Observatory.”
    Once you talk to her you get to choose your Divine Appearance, check out screenshots below!  Keep in mind you only get to choose ONE form so it’s very important to know which one you want ahead of time.
  2. “Meet with Thais in the Ruins where the ritual is held in the Roqul Valley.”
  3. “Learn about Laertes’s fate.” (sub quest, has 9 parts)
  4. “Stop the invasion.”
    Additional Sub-quest called “Thanatos’s Shipthat has 9 steps.  You’ll meet a greater god, it gets pretty intense!
  5. “Talk to Herida at the park”

Now you’re done you get a relic set and a big pink diamond to unlock your divine form, finally!  The relic set is an item in your bag that gives you 2 Okki Tablets, 2 Rings, and 2 Pommels.

Skyforge Divine Aspects

Skyforge Divine Aspects

Once you’ve completed this quest you still aren’t a lesser god yet, you now have to talk to Flavius who gives you another quest called “Divinity.”  Not much longer until you fully understand what it means to go from an immortal to a lesser god.


  • “Unlock the node that gives access to the Divine form (it is found three clusters to the left of the starting classes cluster)”
  • “Ask Flavius if he can add anything”
  • “Complete the divine training in the Training Hall of the Research Center”

Finally!  You completed both quests and gained 100 Faith by completing the Divinity quest, awesome!

I’m a god, what has changed?

  • You can now press Alt to access your Divine abilities.
  • You’ve unlocked the Divine Atlas
  • You now have a Faith meter
    Skyforge Faith Meter
  • When you go to your Character abilities you’ll see a “Divine Abilities” tab telling you all your abilities

    Skyforge Divine Abilities

    Skyforge Divine Abilities

  • Purple Invasion missions now give Faith as a reward!
  • People will now see a glowing nimbus around your player icon
    Skyforge divine icon
  • Style room now has “Divine Aspect” where you can add your Nimbus to your appearance and you get glowing gold eyes.

    Skyforge Divine Features

    Skyforge Divine Features

Well you’ve made it, you are now divine.  Now you’ll have more quests, new abilities, and a whole new Atlas to discover.  Good luck on your journey to a lesser god, I hope this has provided you with some helpful information

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  1. I can’t wait to unlock my divine form, only 13K prestige though

  2. Well I’m just over 15k prestige, so about halfway there on that score. Completing all the necessary quests could be rather tougher. Still, its good to have an idea what you need to do – thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. how long is the storyline?

  4. Im past 30k but my quests weren’t activated when i was leveling and getting through the provences so I was going to do them but thats 12 hours worth of work that Im not going to do that

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