Skyforge Arena is Here!

Skyforge paladin in white suit
Skyforge Naori Island

We at Skyforge Arena noticed a lack of information for the new MMORPG Skyforge and we aim to change that!  While playing Skyforge we also noticed that new players kept asking the same questions over and over and we thought it would be great to provide them a resource where all their questions would be answered.  Our first content will be tailored to new players to get them up to speed and over time provide information useful to all prestige levels.  So far we’ve started our Skyforge Beginners Guide series and in the upcoming weeks you can expect to see more information and guides for all classes, groups, squads, PvP,  invasions, and just about anything that has to do with Skyforge.  We’re excited to start this journey and we hope you are too!

If you somehow stumbled onto this site and have never heard of Skyforge then you are missing out!  You should head over to the Skyforge official website and see what all the hype is about.

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