Skyforge Producer Letter Highlights

Skyforge Loading Background

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to read the “Producer Letter – Skyforge’s Priorities Going Forward” so you don’t have to. ¬†Although there isn’t a ton on concrete changes outlined here it does look promising that Aaron “Legatus” Biedma, our North American Skyforge Producer, is helping shape Skyforge in a positive way for the NA community.

Confirmed Upcoming Changes

  • The upcoming Law & Order promotion, like the Grand Prix, will place you higher more often so no more 1 or 2 points per round
  • Optimizer 1 and II (bonus Chapel items) will be replaced with a quantity of Victor’s Medals
  • Moving Optimizer 1 and II into the Market for sale for Victor’s Medals right away

These changes have been made “with the intent to make the promotion more open and engaging for NA and EU players.”

Confirmed Future Changes

  • Class blanace changes for PvE and PvP (some already rolled out in RU)
  • Even changes/additions
  • More PvP modes + Ranked PvP (some already rolled out in RU)
  • Potential changes to reduce the amount of times you have to repeat specific missions
  • Gamepad support

If you want to read the article in its entirety here’s the link – Producer Letter – Skyforge’s Priorities Going Forward.