Squads and Groups

Skyforge Squad

Skyforge is a heavily instanced based game that allows you to team up with other players to overcome unique and challenging missions.  Squads are made for groups of 3 players but you can play with one other friend or even solo if you prefer. The reason I really like that you can complete squads solo is because everyone can experience them!  I know some players have lots of things going on in their home and might have to step away from the computer unexpectedly and solo play means their would-be teammates wont yell at them.  As your prestige increases you will continue to unlock squads all the way up to Nerion’s Castle which is 30,580 prestige!

Skyforge groups

Groups are where things really start to get fun.  They are challenging, expose players to new scenery, but most importantly they reward players handsomely for their troubles.  Groups are the only place where players can obtain purple amulets so they are definitely worth your time.

The first group content you experience is Mare Sacro Monastery (MSM) and if you’ve had the pleasure to run it before I’m sure your group has wiped at least one time, especially if your tank doesn’t have many abilities unlocked.  These 5 players instances are where classes really start to come together and you can fully appreciate every classes role. So I really encourage you to queue for them and be sure to stay alert because the difficulty of Skyforge really picks up with 5 mans and you don’t want to be the reason your group wipes.

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