Maximize Spark Replicator Bonus

Skyforge Spark Replicator Tips with x3 bonus
Skyforge Spark Replicator x3 Bonus

We’ve all been close to unlocking a new class or a symbol but we lack one spark type, meanwhile we have an abundance of the other two.  You must fight the urge to immediately use your Spark Replicator and join the next available instance providing the spark type you need, be patience and get the most from your replicators.

Reaping the biggest reward from the Spark Replicators is actually very simple.   Wait until one of your squad or groups has a x3 bonus with the spark type you need then pop as many replicators as you feel necessary and queue up!  Yes, it’s that simple.  The key here is that the replicator sparks are added before the x3 bonus so when the x3 bonus is applied it’s tripling the amount of additional sparks you get from the replicator.

Skyforge Medium Spark Replicator

Skyforge Spark Replicator

Using the screenshot from the top of this post as an example you can see this in action. Take the base reward for Targo Island of 658 Sparks of Creation with premium, then add 153 sparks from the group bonus and an additional 1328 from the replicators bringing the total amount of sparks to 2139 before the bonus is applied.  Once all that is added up we apply the x3 bonus giving us 1328 x 3 = 6417 sparks.  This puts us well on our way to unlocking any class or symbol that we want!

So next time fight the urge to queue for any instance with the spark type you need and wait for that x3 bonus, it makes all the difference.