Skyforge’s Aelinet Has Adventure Guides

Skyforge Aelinet Adventure Guides
Skyforge Aelinet Adventures

The Aelinet in Skyforge is a great resource but many players don’t pay attention to it.  There is actually an Adventure guide section providing information on each dungeon and includes what mobs you’ll fight, their abilities, and frequency of use.

Skyforge Aelinet Adventures MSM

Skyforge Aelinet Mare Sacro Monastery

To access this information you need to open the Aelinet by either accessing it directly by pressing “,” or open the community page by pressing “Y” and navigating to the Aelinet.  Once there click the “Game” tab under the Aelinet text and select “Adventures.”  From here you can find information on on all adventures like PvE Solo, PvE Group, PvP, Region, Distortions, and Invasion.

Let’s use Mare Sacro Monastery (MSM) as an example. As you can see from the screenshot above the Aelinet provides some general information about the adventure as well as the champions of the dungeon, Cetus and Leida the Conqueror.  We can see that Cetus summons reinforcements, what his basic attack is, and two abilities he uses called Morays and Wave and what each one does.  Some additional information tells us if the abilities are ranged or melee and their cooldown.  Being able to get information like this can be very useful if you are new to a dungeon and would rather know what to expect instead of just seeing what happens.

Skyforge Aelinet Adventures Messages

If you keep scrolling down you can also post a message about the dungeon or read what others have posted.  Sometimes you will find useful information here, other times not so much.