Halloween is Coming to Skyforge

Halloween Sneak Peak

Skyforge has posted a teaser of what the Divine Observatory will look like for Halloween.  Although there hasn’t been any details other than this picture with the caption “It’s Coming” I’m glad to see some sort…

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Skyforge Loading Background

Skyforge Producer Letter Highlights

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to read the “Producer Letter – Skyforge’s Priorities Going Forward” so you don’t have to.  Although there isn’t a ton on concrete changes outlined here it does look promising that…

Skyforge Victors Medals Ability Set in Market

Ability Sets, Oh Yeah!

You have a favorite class and you think it’s great for PvE and PvP but there isn’t a build that excels in both.  Now you have to spend Transformation Sparks to swap out abilities depending on…

Skyforge Arena's Aelions Call

Skyforge Announces Aelion’s Call

We are very excited for Aelion’s Call, Skyforge’s next major update hitting the servers September 16th.  Although this update includes new content like Operations and a new raid called “Operation Madea,” what we are really looking forward to…

Skyforge Labor Day Outfite

Will you increase your wardrobe?

Skyforge recently added two new wardrobes during their Labor Day sale, the Demin(M)/Picnic(F) and Cowboy costumes!  If you want to add these costumes to your wardrobe you better hurry though because the sale only lasts…